The road to the river level 1

I was born in a small town in the east of Beijing County, sixteen year old dropped out of school to work, because no diploma no craft, so did the toil of work.

once installed in the train drizzle weather, the tall, narrow gangway slippery, empty handed to tremble with fear, and we have to carry a 100 kg bag of fertilizer in the back and forth above, and a walk is a day, eat not to leave the scene;

I used to load and unload cement trucks, eat and sleep in the car. Fifteen tons of big car four people, holding one hundred pounds of cement bags and trot, made full hand with cement, and finished loading the wrist and belly are blood earnest;

did the municipal, dog days of excavation at noon in the sun, dig to faint; to do plate country private small factory, was forced to work with a belt, bitter point tired point never mind, it is important to often can not get wages, the Chinese new year can not go home, only thirty years of good night a person to eat instant noodles in a Beijing basement, the second to the foreman home account, was hit head broken and bleeding, even alerted the public security bureau.

migrant workers amateur life is boring, hard day, night will be fun. Some are playing cards gambling, some go out to find some pheasant in knots to go shopping, there are half a bag of peanuts. I have a large dormitory Cafe door, every day watching people in and out of envy.

one day I finally get up the courage to spend ten yuan to buy a night, in the repeated "tornado", "green", "smile" in the song, I looked like fools in the text on the screen through a string, brightly coloured, almost burst with joy. Sometimes try to chat with people, send ten messages occasionally have a back, because the typing is too slow, no one would like to chat with me.

around the Internet together men and women see my clumsy, occasionally on me, let me know that the Internet can also watch porn, also can go under the banyan tree to read novels, can also go to Fisherman’s Wharf nine fishing, too much content, almost to a new world.

then I quit my job, every day in the net cafe, hungry takeaway, sleepy lie on the table while sleeping, sometimes for three consecutive days in the Internet bubble. Much of the Internet, online things are familiar with, typing fast, first with the girls tease the poor, and then went to play nine community games, then a friend to help manage a literary forum, because it is a newly opened version, need the moderator everywhere to pull people, I went to the nine city literature Forum some people offer advertising, so a little wide make a girl with my QQ.

her love to write small articles, she wrote essays to me, remember is the description of yellow leaves of autumn, very interesting, I sincerely appreciate, also provided some advice to her. I put her article in the literary section of the top, to introduce her to my former friends, with her around, playing games, happy every day.