On the way to make money websites pop ads

QQ who are often with friends, then is the prologue "Hello, I’m XXX alliance, your website can put our advertisement?" this alliance is for the most part window union. And now a lot of media need to put a lot of advertising, with the rise of the advertising alliance program and a lot of personal and even the company has launched an advertising alliance, such as CPM, CPS, CPA, CPV, etc.. The most common is the game of pop ads, with you today about my website pop-up ads to make money.

We all know that CPM is

per thousand to be shown by advertising fees " advertising model, I believe we often see a lot of websites have pop-up ads. This advertising to the general price is between 4~6 yuan. The advertising alliance acts as the third party. For example, advertisers 8 yuan /1000ip advertising to the union. Then the Union and then 4~6 yuan /ip to the webmaster. The rest belong to the union.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of


due to rogue popups, sometimes pop number with amazing speed. Now many visitors are tired of pop ads, so do not use the user experience of the website. General visitors see your website pop, maybe next time will not come. Unless your site in addition to the window there are very nutritious, but also to attract the two flow. But if it is rubbish station, want to earn a little money, can consider hanging pop ads. Because the pop advantage is that people visit will pop, or pop cost.

Pay attention to the details of the


is actually pop Wangzhuan relatively low-end, the first is from the pop-up ads began to earn money smoke. Just started to do an information station. Baidu included and Google included thousands of good, but the real IP also dozens of hundreds of. After listening to brush IP alliance also went to buy the flow of brush. This principle is such as to take 1 dollars to buy 3000IP, then brush their own websites pop ads. Get 3*4 from the window Union (for example, each 1000IP is equal to 4 =12 (block) block are mostly playing not success or union buckle quantity situation so much lower than this). But the premise must have a good ranking and included in the world rankings. Only in this way can we gain the trust of the Alliance (the advice is to make the consultation station). General requirements are required to have a record of the domain name only to receive advertising. And if the site does not have a real flow of brush. You have to prepare yourself. The alliance may not pay or close your account, then you have to re select the alliance, because they may analyze the data found that you are using the brush. In fact, in general, in order to ensure the effectiveness of advertising, or advertising alliance is generally open one eye closed one eye. Brush IP more than the Union also earn much. Of course, it is recommended by the true flow or true and false to do some more conservative mixing.

window union recommended

remembered when he stood there for nearly a year. Contact with the advertising alliance is not less than more than and 20