Hand taught you to apply to the GGAD account

apply for GGAD account, the first step, you must have a registration time for more than 6 months millet.


millet, you can go to the DOMIAN.CN forum many CN millet, Amoy bar, 1 yuan in 2, 3, 5 have to buy.

to buy millet after it registered GGAD need to modify for their own millet registered information information. (note that the name will be used to fill in the application for the name of the GG, other GGAD information can be modified, but the name.


then you need a space, if they do not have space here to recommend IM286.COM New District, there are a lot of free space posts (as long as the guarantee space can be used for more than 3 days can be


apply for GGAD industry station application is generally easier to pass, but generally we do not have their own industry for the application, here, we go to

zhanzhang8.net download station of a company (hot buns hot steamed stuffed bun refers to the server station source package over 8 owners) have a lot of business buns available for download, I apply for a GG account is used here baozi. Enterprise stand generally modify the web page in the page can be, I downloaded the 2 hot steamed stuffed bun page even the web site are not, all are directly uploaded to apply for account (


the steps above all ready before you can go to apply for GGAD, wait for 2 days you will see GG letter, GGAD application note, before you determine the machine has applied for GG without landing GGAD account.

I applied for all 2 at once by

my station HTTP://s.rising123.com