2 choose 1 online VS Wangzhuan you ready

broadband for months, online games and Wangzhuan have tried, finally summarized a, playing online games do not have money, not bad money play Wangzhuan, each with its own characteristics. A few days ago in an atmosphere full of AAA QQ group mention Wangzhuan, just mention, that is played. May also be a problem with my computer graphics (joke).

I really bad money, especially in a society, the pressure is very large, before I see Wangzhuan post also deleted without mercy ", now contact this thing, is really understand. I don’t want to delete, rather than advertising, just talk about the experience and warning you.


Wangzhuan, now use Baidu Search, relevant web pages are numerous, but you do not touch how clear which one is Li Kui? Where is Li Gui??


was not mentioned, there are broadband, specially on the half Wangzhuan, feeling quite good harvest! Don’t get me wrong, is the experience of harvest, harvest is not money! In reasonable circumstances, for just contact Wangzhuan friends, pay special attention to the following points:

, who said on the first publicity to earn more than 100, the best can not believe it! Why? Because you are not the webmaster! Even the webmaster, no experience to earn so much! You’re just a website to work


second, roughly divided into hook, click Wangzhuan, investigation, task (registration or voting), payment is generally quick click (or code), which is a long time to pay investigation.

third is a must to choose, Wangzhuan site, men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang! Just began to do Wangzhuan must be more to each big Wangzhuan forum to learn about, there are a lot of where the Wangzhuan master, and then choose to do good old Wangzhuan Alliance (I’m here is not recommended no, advertising).

fourth, just do Wangzhuan, must cover their own pockets, do not only into! Are not familiar with the site, do not join join the so-called VIP members, even if the website promotion again good


finally remind: online VS Wangzhuan, if you are not familiar with, are the clouds! Especially in online games, not to spend money, but also spend a lot of time and energy! So in online games and Wangzhuan issues, 2 choose 1, at least I will choose Wangzhuan


if you are not bad money, when I talk nonsense, if you want to look at their own Wangzhuan, Baidu. Of course, if the letter, I can make a recommendation. We don’t mention it here.

overall, online hurt many people, many people benefit wangzhuan. Don’t say what games are the development of intelligence, hype! But don’t expect a Wangzhuan too easy, but some pocket money can solve. This is a personal hobby. Well, not much to say, the early entrants must be cautious is. Welcome to add Wangzhuan exchange group: 142567781

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