Four bloody lessons of a grassroots entrepreneurs looking for angel investment

said that now is a good time to start business, the news got millions, billions of investment projects one after another to pop out. However, for the grassroots entrepreneurs, money really easy?! don’t daydream. Just a sea near entrepreneurs, with their own personal experience to tell you: it is not so easy to get investment.



I am a small business. Before the start of the business, I worked on several Internet companies. This year saw an opportunity, a cruel, resigned and brothers together.

we do is a parent-child class App, the money is not enough, so think of investors. So far, I have seen n investors, but still did not get the investment, lessons learned, but summed up a lot. Here and we ramble ramble.

first, do not believe that those who take a PPT can melt into the legend of money. Around me a lot of people are saying: a friend with PPT looking for investors, chatted for 20 minutes, get n million. Anyway, this friend I have not seen, do not know what the project is so NB. If you know, please help recommend, I want to learn. But I believe that, when the majority of entrepreneurs and investors talk not so high, not to you without regret.

has also been investors and I said, with only PPT on the vote, but very few, but there is a prerequisite, that is, the investment is not the project team. For example, before you have had a successful entrepreneurial experience (such as Jack, Pony, Robbin), or the background is very powerful star team (such as Lei Jun, teacher Li team). None of these, in the eyes of more n investors are grass root venture. Through a PPT like grass root no way counter attack?.

second, do not believe that those hot money, there is no place to vote reports. Now the media said hot money, but actually change more items. As far as I know, investors are now receiving the project every day, the schedule to see entrepreneurs have been quite saturated. Even more hot money, does not mean that investors are not rational. Don’t forget, the investment manager is to make money, they throw out every money to calculate the rate of return, and this arithmetic process has been completed in the process of rapid exchange with you, even when I saw BP project, I have already had probably. Therefore, it is impossible to say that more money and less investment. What good talk behind project?.

third, the investor also is a person, don’t think they can free from vulgarity. You are not enough for this project for the crowd, you see drops taxi, bulabula……" You need the frequency is not high enough, you see the public comment, bulabula……" You are not strong enough, you see WeChat, bulabula……" "You this small but beautiful, can become"