What is viral marketing

Viral marketing is a kind of popular network marketing methods, commonly used in Web site promotion, brand promotion, viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, you can quickly spread like a virus, because this viral marketing has become an efficient the way of dissemination of information, and, because of this spontaneous communication between users, so almost do not need network marketing costs.

?? according to the "network marketing theory and practice about the" second edition of the second chapter, viral marketing is not really the way to spread the virus marketing, but through word-of-mouth propaganda network users, information spread like a virus and spread, using rapid replication type party audience transmit to thousands and millions of the. The classic example of viral marketing is Hotmail.com. Hotmail is a free email service provider of the world’s largest, 1 and a half years after they are created, it attracted 12 million registered users, but also more than 15 of the new users to every day of the speed of development, it is unbelievable, 12 months in the website created, Hotmail spend only a few marketing costs, is not to its direct competitors 3%. The reason why the explosive development of the Hotmail, is due to the use of the "viral marketing" of great effectiveness. Viral marketing success stories also include Amazon, ICQ, eGroups and other internationally renowned network company. Viral marketing can be regarded as a kind of network marketing methods, can also be regarded as a kind of network marketing idea, namely by providing valuable information and services, to achieve the purpose of network marketing information transmission by using the spread between active users.