What kind of sites make the most money in the future four

in what kind of site in the future the most profitable (three), I pointed out that the establishment of the virtual world is the real achievements of the Internet revolution.

now for the business venture lab, the future of the Internet will be what kind of has been very clear.

the future of the Internet will have two directions, one is the sale of goods in the real world (including services, etc.), represented by e-commerce. The other is to create something of value, represented by the virtual world.

The focus of

e-commerce is to build a simple and convenient system for all people to use it, regardless of whether the person is using the internet. E-commerce is the trend of the times, as long as people do not die, the Internet still exists, it will continue to improve and the emergence of this system.

Compared with

, the virtual world is called "revolution" initiative. Perhaps it is the greatest achievement of human history.

we have always thought that they have the spirit and material points, but the spirit is different from the material, business entrepreneurship laboratory that is the spirit of the day after tomorrow, is artificial". Therefore, the spirit is easy to die, because of this, the human spirit has been lagging behind the development of material. For thousands of years there has been no major change.

now, the emergence of the virtual world has opened a door to the spiritual world, in a matter of a secondary world, the human will become what?. What’s more, the world will change. As to what kind of changes will be, it is not clear.

the value of the virtual world can not be calculated, even if it is to remove the expectation that the virtual world will change the world.

Internet profit model is only the sale of traditional real goods (services) and the creation of two kinds of valuable goods. Compared with the traditional commodities, it is easier and more profitable to create valuable goods. For example, the Tencent’s value-added services such as QQ members, blue diamond, yellow diamond, virtual clothes and so on, a member of the cost is almost zero, the net profit is obtained. But QQ members and other things themselves have no value, so that these things are valuable because of the QQ virtual community. The virtual community is a form of virtual world.

The virtual community of

QQ is still the most primitive form of virtual world. What is the virtual world in the end, it is not yet known. However, the virtual world to be accepted by the people, we must provide people with "value", to provide the desired value.

is precisely because the virtual world to see these values can be provided, so the business venture lab found that the virtual world is the most promising future we have been looking for a website". In the real world supplies limited, it is impossible to satisfy all people’s needs and desires, which is the virtual world can be done; the real world is full of risk, a mistake could be fatal, it prevents a large >