Amoy pawnshop completed 30 million B round of financing lead investor capital letter Zhi

recently, a domestic company called scouring pawn website announced that loved the letter capital and bluerun over $30 million B round of financing. First time with the founder of the state to confirm the news.


scouring pawnshops founder Wang

scouring pawn is an established only one year of the company website, on-line only 6 months, A round investors is blue Chi, force capital and Northern lights. What it does is to combine the pawn line with the Internet, simply put, you can understand it as the Internet banking O2O.

is a king of scouring pawn fourth venture, previously he was the Shanghai day soft, thousand feet download and today’s beautiful founder. (about his entrepreneurial experience and continuous trap, see the entrepreneur previously reported "30 year old before the start of four: the biggest pain is that they are wrong") after the Spring Festival, Wang started a B round of financing, the April meeting of all VC are concentrated in mid May, the completion of the delivery.

Wang a thing to do, in simple terms, he tried to pull the line under the pawn line into an ecological chain. With the acceptance of the Internet financial improvement, looking for pawning the user through the online will be more and more, will match this part of the crowd to receive the corresponding collateral from the user, pawn recently, Wang is a thing to do. If the collateral when the vast, scouring pawnshops will organize online and offline sale will help sell, pawn forfeited goods. At present, scouring pawnshops almost every week in the mall. These two links, Wang may charge a commission. The future may also be involved in scouring pawn pawn capital flow, because the pawnshop not always borrow money, then he can share the benefits of borrowing.

P2P with scouring pawnshops popular nowadays credit there are different, the former need to pledge the goods from the commonly used mobile phone, gold to the workshop, the production data may have reinforced. Wang Yi in an interview with entrepreneur said, mainly to solve the user scouring pawn a problem that is in urgent need of money.

on the scouring pawn this round of financing, there are two details worthy of attention, but also for the financing for entrepreneurs to make decision-making.

chose the letter Zhi Wang, the reason is that the volume of funds letter Zhi is relatively large, once ho throw $130 million to peer-to-peer lending which is the biggest last year, Internet financial sector single investment. Because of this relationship, then there will be scouring pawnshops in-depth cooperation with peer-to-peer lending. Moreover, loved the letter recognition of the extent of the scouring pawn is relatively high, the two views.

another financing details, Wang’s original intention is to get $20 million. He plans to expand to other city of Beijing and Shanghai in addition to the money, at the same time to start as soon as the scouring pawn brand building, let users think that this is an endorsement of credit lending platform can do.

but get a few investment intentions, Wang decided to raise the