Grand link

In the production of the home page, we are the most unfamiliar? Link! It is no exaggeration to say that the link is the home page of the soul, with it, we can swim willfully in the network world. For web makers, it seems simple but not easy. In this paper, the author of his own experience on the web page links to a comprehensive introduction, in order to let everyone have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of it.

to link in HTML writing, here is not described in detail, we can find the primary course in many aspects of the introduction. We focus on the following aspects:

A, link type

link has two kinds, one is different between the page links, the most common. The other is the page link, we generally referred to as the page anchor (Achor) chain.Between

page links with URL (United Resource Location: uniform resource locator) to say if it is between the page links from the same site, you can directly according to the relationship between the expression of this link directory, instead of "http://s…." this form. If there is a link to the HTML file in the content directory to the site with the content directory at the same directory chat index.htm file, the link is directly represented as:../chat/index.htm. If you have learned the DOS command, such as the directory operation command, I believe that this method will not be unfamiliar, but the "will" into "/"".

for page within the chain, some people may wonder, what is called the page within the chain, what is the use? In this regard, we take a very practical example to look at its usefulness:

If an article is very long, and is divided into several parts, the general listed all the points in the article, if we have to choose which part of reading and constantly scroll is time-consuming and demanding? The chain page lets you easily click on the link to read directly to the point, this part of the content.

– definition of "anchor"To use

page chain, the first step is to define the so-called "anchor", that is to use symbols to mark a position of the file. This is a very common and important attribute in the HTML tag: ID (Identification: identifier). ID can be used to refer to the contents of the HTML. The definition is as follows: