One plus Liu Zuohu do not want only grass root technology companies

has become the Red Sea’s mobile phone market, but also a new entrant: a plus phone. Starting from OPPO venture, Liu Zuohu in a very short time to launch the first product. What kind of play, what kind of product to get new users?.

2013, the mobile phone market, is a year amidst the winds of change. The international market, mobile phone manufacturers gangster NOKIA $7 billion 200 million sold to Microsoft, apple and Samsung shipments long occupied the top two; the domestic market, millet, glory, OPPO, Nubia and other emerging Internet brand mobile phone began to erode the traditional mobile phone manufacturers market share, the competition is fierce.

but in the fierce competition, there is still a plus this "new" to join the fray. A plus founder Liu Zuohu said, "on behalf of the status quo," Canada "on behalf of the better," one plus "means not to meet the status quo, to do better. How to do a better job in this market, Phoenix technology recently interviewed Liu Zuohu, listen to him about his people, products, team.

character: afraid of saying the wrong thing to contact the media

met Liu Zuohu for the first time, is to catch up with the first rain in Beijing after the beginning of autumn. Grey T-shirt, jeans, casual shoes, concise. This is his first impression of the phoenix. Of course, he certainly can not do without a cell phone.

smooth he chose to leave the DVD industry, headlong into the mobile phone industry is already red. In 2012 he was in charge of OPPO phones, a year later, announced the creation of a plus.

Lei Jun millet was founded in 2010, he said he is a mobile phone fancier, to do a "born to have a fever the mobile phone was founded in 2012; Luo Yonghao hammer technology, he said to the artisan spirit, to create digital consumer products first-class user experience. Liu Zuohu founded a plus, he said to 2000 yuan this price, give the user a choice.

April 23, 2014, a plus phone officially released. With flagship configuration, the main touch plus less than 2000 yuan pricing, plus a mobile phone has achieved good results. According to Liu Zuohu introduction, a year with the goal is to sell 50 – 1 million, from now on, this year to achieve this goal is not a problem."

will not be a plus phone slogan, which has nothing to do with Liu Zuohu’s perfectionism.

For example, in

, Liu zuohu originally conceived, one plus mobile phone screen than the frame 0.5 mm high, but the machine produced later, he felt a little bit more screen high, about 0.6 mm. So he asked the staff to sink the screen 0.1 mm. But in practice it is difficult to achieve, so he asked the screen to drop 0.05 mm, the border lift up to 0.05 mm. The product came out again, he said". In fact, 0.05 mm thinner than the hair, the average person can not see the difference. >