Madman! How to make money on the garbage site

      this is the second article I wrote on Admin5, a bit lazy these days. But think about it or write it out, perhaps the webmaster can help a little bit.

      referring to the word garbage, there are a lot of people disdain. Think not in good taste, yes if you can do a regular station dignified and imposing money of course is the best. But! Not everyone can have the energy and ability to have a chance to make a good and can earn money on the regular website. Most people are thinking about what is the fast track the project can immediately make money, this is perhaps the most webmaster mentality. Or do many regular site but there is no profit in Guao stationmaster, also hope to use other methods quickly point out the RMB, even income to support their own website on it. So this thing on the garbage station and the production of ha ha

      to be honest, in my opinion, as long as the money can be a good thing to do, what kind of garbage do not waste his. So I’ve been working on this trash station since SP was finished. In the past few months also summed up some experience to share with you. After the demise of SP has been considered Chinese Internet what a good opportunity, looking really damn it is not easy to find. Traffic is more and more valuable, do IP high value commercial website and not so much time and energy. To see a lot of people are engaged in garbage station but also can make money, I want to do network experience to me to profit should be no problem what. Just started with the purpose of trying to come in, look at this thing in the end how much potential can be dug out.

      said to do, because the garbage site and I belong to the relatively late, so there are a lot of other people on the Internet can learn from the article. After a period of careful study, I began to practice. The first step is to choose what tools to make the problem of garbage stations, such tools are generally referred to as the site collection tool, there are many online. But look at are not too happy with the chance to see someone selling a "SEO generation tool" is through the keywords from the Internet automatically crawl the content to generate the website in the online program, then I contacted the person. He showed me that he used this system to do the site traffic statistics (using the 51LA statistical system) is said to be done 270 garbage stations, the flow of the day there are almost 200 thousand independent IP. This flow is not a problem, then I put forward if you can give me a look at what the 270 stations are standing, then I immediately bought his software (then the price of 1200 yuan). This did not do, he just gave me a few demo sites, other sites are not to see. I think it must have what trick it, ha ha, this is in fact to see no matter, he gave me the demo station I’ll buy him.