Tencent’s former business venture notes those things related to money

source: 100 reading club

this is the two section of simple business notes, the author is Wang Xinwen, 2009 graduate of the Nanjing University, September 2009 to the Department of interactive entertainment in Tencent in Shanghai in March 2013, March 2013 to now and several former colleagues founded the Lilith game (Mobile Games turret legend is their later pioneering works).

accidentally saw two entrepreneurial notes just starting in 2013 when he wrote, so to send out, integration, we learn together.

first appeared in July 1, 2013, excerpt follows:

"I left the biggest and the most vulgar" Internet Co

a few months ago (Tencent), gathered 32 former classmates and friends, to start a new entrepreneurial life. The goal is to do a little and mobile Internet Co are not vulgar.

said here, the general will immediately be asked two questions: first, how to give up the courage to give considerable income and stable life, and the two is how the company is doing now?

how to give up the courage to give up a considerable income and stable life, one, life is too short, do not do something, or at least not try to do something, to the death of a certain regret. Two, even if there is no failure, neither will starve, girlfriend does not seem to run with others, the sun will rise every day.

How is

doing now? There are 10 people in the company. At first, I don’t know how. But I don’t know why, I’m so happy every day.

Second articles written in December 11, 2013:

since this year (2013) in March from the Tencent to leave the business, it is already half an year. This more than half a year has experienced a lot, with a lot of new ideas, so with this after the business know the series. As long as the material will always write down. Today, I’m going to tell you something about money.

one, time is money, sometimes more valuable than money

just started working to buy office computers, I think startups should save money, put the chassis CPU hard disk memory card to buy their own installed. Although the "Kebanchushen, solid basic skills, but because of the lack of experience, a machine to spend for half a day. So I found a Baidu Internet, select installed door-to-door service, with one to 100, up to $50 to send. If I do this day with product design, or write a few lines of code, create value was more than 100! Calculated before work in the Tencent, the company for my daily work pay more than 1000 dollars, not including the surplus value I make for the company "". So want to install their own money to save the behavior is how naive ah!

why such a simple truth did not think about the past is to work for others, time is the time of others, money is the money of others