The economic crisis hit the webmaster how to seek development in the crisis

now the global economic crisis, many companies layoffs, rising unemployment. And now the number of college graduates after graduation is also more and more. The whole society on the pressure to find a job is more and more difficult, many students can not find a suitable job, all day idle Fu at home, rely on their parents to feed, this kind of people is often said that the neet". While some people joined the Wangzhuan industry, China webmaster team with the impact of the economic crisis, the growth in the acceleration of the state. Most of the sources of revenue is relying on online advertising, such as GG advertising, Ali mother, etc.. However, due to the impact of the economic crisis led to the collapse of enterprises or austerity investment. Therefore, advertising costs are getting lower and lower, it is understood that the price of GG advertising is very severe decline. Faced with such a big environment, how to improve the site’s revenue?

first, I think we can broaden our way of making money, not just rely on online advertising to make money, it is difficult to earn much money. So be sure to find ways to broaden our way of making money. For example, I can use my dream site traffic and fixed customer base, to sell goods. A friend of mine was doing a yoga website. Half of her income was earned by buying yoga cds. Of course, you can also work with yoga training institutions to get a certain percentage.

second, we can also take the initiative to sell advertising. Powerful webmaster must understand the website construction, also want to understand the website operation, also want to understand the use of their website to get economic benefits. We do believe that a lot of people want to make money through the website, the website if you do good, not to earn money is not what meaning. In fact, there are a lot of personal websites do better than a corporate website, he can not create profits, because many webmasters know only technology, do not understand the market. A website I do is a computer training site, now I know computer training related keywords is very hot, for example: "Beida" first price auction is the word row in Baidu more than and 50. So, I find a prize.the training institutions – Guangzhou prize.the city two house training center, to his website ( to be a banner, 600 yuan a month. So, I can not only increase the income of the website at the same time, the Beida Jade Bird training institutions also feel good value for money.

economic crisis struck, I wish the webmaster can seek development in the crisis, a lot of profit. We also hope that with the exchange of Wangzhuan skills.