Entrepreneurs to play 4 roles poets scientists journalists and Boxers

one of the biggest challenges for a startup is to know where to start. Entrepreneurs believe that unless they are innovative, their ideas will be eliminated by the times or copied by competitors. However, this kind of thinking process is similar to the one month spent on marathon training. Yes, it can be done, but this will put you at risk of rapid bankruptcy and failure. What we need is a contemporary guide that can help new entrepreneurs develop new focus.

great business mentor well aware of this struggle, the best instructors know how to appease students after told that they should focus on where in the start-up stage, for example, the core concept of iteration, create a simple business model, or guidance to build the minimum viable product (MVP).

based on our experience with our mentors, as well as the chaotic experience at the start, we have developed a linear remedy that all entrepreneurs can use to improve their chances of success. Our theory is named "the poet, the scientist, the reporter, the boxer entrepreneur."."


"enthusiasm is often a poet, and his mind was filled with countless ideas, if you are not able to reveal his feelings, he would toss and turn, it is difficult to sleep."

poet, the first step in the four phase of entrepreneurship. The moment when the famous apple hits you in the head, it’s the first phase of the moment, and then there’s a great idea in your head. Signs of this experience with insomnia, and you may have to tell people what you think, but afraid of paranoia mixed in others will attack.

once you realize that you have entered the stage of the poet, it is time to guide your inner Walt Whitman and write your thoughts on paper. Put your thoughts on paper with ink, which is an important part of building a real understanding of your own ideas.

now, if you’re going to start a revolution, don’t worry about your tone or voice. Write down your values, your vision, your goals, and focus on how your ideas will change the way people live.

once you can’t get anything from your brain, it’s time to enrich yourself.


"the scientist’s goal is to find the core value of the customer, remove redundant features, and start trying to test it."

second step to become a scientist, including the development and release of their own MVP. It is necessary for a scientist to look back at the poet’s work, to infer the core theory, and to determine the prerequisites for testing the idea.

here, the feasibility is the key element, which means that scientists can only extract some of the theory can be tested by the poet