Why most entrepreneurial ideas are useless

according to foreign media reports, perhaps because of the Facebook boom, is perhaps the wrong idea, Hollywood movies and the mainstream media conveyed over the years, many young people and hope entrepreneurs has been mistaken for a brainwave idea is the basis of success and wealth. People often say: "if I thought of the idea, it will be my night."


had entrepreneurial experience are aware of the relationship between success and entrepreneurial ideas really small. Of course, a good idea is also important, but it is not the root of entrepreneurial success. Most of the real entrepreneurial success comes from hard work, adventure, the introduction of a truly valuable new products or solutions to customers.


Instagram was initially a sign in application (Burbn), it is found that the application of photographic blank space and gradually transformed into a photo application, and better than peers do better;

Google was originally a fairly good search engine, the platform is only a few so-called "free" products, but now this platform has become a huge source of Google’s profits;

McDonald’s has grown as a result of making cheap and tasty burgers;

Starbucks offers high quality coffee and comfortable environment;

Dalby peers to produce cheaper, better computers, and faster.

and CEO, investors, entrepreneurs together to create innovative business, we found that many of the original ideas, ideas are untenable. A lot of enthusiastic entrepreneurs too much emphasis on the original idea, always think a unique idea is the key to creating wealth. They even on this idea very confidential to ensure they can seize market opportunities, but in most cases, these ideas are not what value.

In fact,

is more important than the idea is to find a reliable business model to create value for customers, especially with existing solutions related patterns. If the business model can withstand the test of the market during the incubation period, it will be very powerful. Few companies rely on the original idea of making a lot of money to make money – Facebook, Apple Corp, Microsoft star companies have changed their business models before determining the main business model.

when entrepreneurs ask us about their "winning" ideas, we usually give them the following advice:

don’t be afraid to share your ideas and ideas with others. The idea is worthless, the key depends on the implementation. Experienced entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors will give you a lot of valuable advice. If your idea is interesting, someone will steal it. All you have to do is be better than them.

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