Do make money really so easy

entrepreneur Zheng Wei said that nearly six months did not achieve profitability, this phenomenon is more common among college graduates entrepreneurs. In many online forums, the public can often see such as the construction site in January revenue of several million this post. So the site is a shortcut to start it? Reporter learned from a number of small and medium-sized Web site webmaster, through the site to make money, in fact, is not as easy as imagined. Most people don’t know how to make money at the beginning of the site.

phase website

who lives in Shapingba, Zheng Wei is just graduated from college students. At the beginning of January this year, he spent 1000 yuan to set up a regional cultural site, but now has been half a year, the site has yet to achieve profitability.

reporter saw Zheng Wei, he was sitting in front of a shell slightly yellow desktop browser to visit their web site.

I am studying in Chongqing University of Science and Technology interior design professional, after graduation to find a job in the home improvement industry, after half a year of work, I think the work situation and expectations before graduation too far." Zheng Wei said, so he decided to resign from the work for entrepreneurship, originally planned to go to the Industrial Road, boiling water bar or a convenience store, but after the investigation found that good appearance is hard to find, such as convenience stores need to be as close as possible to the bustling commercial area, and the best is the larger flow of people at the crossroads.

"but such a position in Chongqing is difficult to find, even if there is, the rent is not low, the investment is too big." Zheng Wei believes the way through the industrial venture, their hard, so considering the site.

earnings difficult

Zheng Wei first thought through the intervention of "popular" domain to another way, he found that there is little Chongqing dedicated to the traditional culture, folk culture, commercial culture is the main content of the website, and he grew up in the Shapingba Cultural District, very understanding of the local culture, why not put the traditional culture displayed by the new the network platform, to attract the residents of the district and want to learn about the culture of Shapingba people


in January this year, Zheng Wei and 3 friends partnership create cultural sites, in order to increase the site’s cultural atmosphere, Zheng Wei and fellow division to provide special knowledge, such as calligraphy and painting, Zheng Wei had ever visited the city a number of old paintings, think he to ask Chongqing calligraphy and painting style, people now enjoy the taste, etc. to do a good job of cultural sites, the webmaster for all aspects of the culture has some knowledge of one or two. In addition, Zheng Wei also specially from home out of Dadukou, returned to live in Shapingba, so that they can go deep into the Shapingba cultural atmosphere, the web site is more netizens appetite.

however, Zheng Wei’s efforts to still did not get value in return, so far, the site has not been profitable, the daily expenses of the web site is on the old website to hang out advertising support, the best monthly income reached 900 yuan, but now only a month average income of 300-400 yuan, basically >