Local classification information network P100 month to earn 3000 yuan of real experience

I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for me. I started to fast for two years from the official website, before hanging all kinds of ads always on tenterhooks live, afraid someday if my unhappy alliance letter, did not lose the wife of another soldier. I remember when I began to start the school website, because it is closed County, I pulled a lot of business, there are one thousand or two thousand yuan a month income, more than the school teacher. So at that time feel that life is full of natural and unrestrained!

Oh, that time how many memorable things, pure thought, vibrant youth, happy laughter, a year spent similar, each year is different". Former classmates and friends had gone, the Yi River is already bustling around! I often at night time alone to open the QQ, make a pot of tea, and the old friends talk to be in full swing.

just a while ago, my friend Li suddenly called to ask: "do a website difficult? Can you teach me?"

Oh, no problem, I rushed two brothers relationship, I will put my years of experience to your website, hope after a pass before you can solve the food and clothing, to add some less chaos "I told him a joke! Then I started asking about his latest situation" doing what? "Because I know he has been squatting at home


"well, the game promoter" Li Dao.

"stop" before he finished I interrupted him "brother Li ah, listen to a word of advice, get on with some work, did not get that Oh, brother before…


"OK, don’t look down on your brother, do the game promotion I earn more than 4 thousand a month!" this time he interrupted me, but I was surprised. Mike and his brother is a fan of the game, what games are played, the home computer 24 hours off, a machine 3 fans, and his house of cards there are several shoe boxes so much. I didn’t expect this guy to make a fortune here.

he asked me to do a classified information website to him, and put forward several kinds of color, also said to me 1000 yuan of money to let me teach him to do, and I also boasted that this year is not bad money, pure drinking are not on the wall.

no way ah, I grew up is a miser, but the miser belongs to very timid, after all are brothers, not so much, meaning on the line, if later he found I deceive him, that’s not bad, my face will not see the people. So I only accept 300 dollars, then buy 3 sets of Jilin information network program from A5, who sold 50 yuan a set of the A5 forum, 3 I spent 120 yuan to cut down, and then bought a 1G ASP host, the monthly purchase, but only 20 yuan a month, plus a COM domain (don’t know why this guy is going to CO>