The failure of the Wuhan summit Ali mother station

yesterday (6.28) center of the mom in concert over WuHan Railway Station, some words to speak out, attending the comment is failed to add Braille to do is a failure, when feeling

from a small bottle of mineral water and suspected Ali Mama rag stingy gifts and think about the remarkable! Ali came a Wang Yi, as can be imagined the importance of Wuhan, and let us look at the so-called heroes.

webmaster (of which there are many prospective owners, pseudo owners) ahead of admission, see Ali trailer for nearly an hour, a lot of time did not see Ali sowing a meaningful thing, webmasters are concerned about things but not to. Well, finally started the speech, first of course is to Ali’s advertising, Wang Yi speech is the core of the mom with small owners who can become rich, well, let us to analyze his flicker, a calculated recommended price of 60 to more than and 100 week price three package to the station, actually the month is 40 yuan, you say you are exploiting stationmaster surplus value good


is one of the types of stand column chart to make money are interesting, statistics through the existing registration station of Ali investment, real estate, local type, education class Haozhuan, sexual health is one of the most well earned, really is a joke, ignore the result of behind closed doors, the most the main risk of color hidden income, a large number of products, mobile phone Trojan, listening class advertising is actually a very large market, now in small and medium enterprises have not put ads to small owners here case, simply by the webmaster is gray income, much to Ali, the market there?


King’s personal website to make money "road" should make some preparations, mentioned money immediately thought, it should be his so-called IP mentioned the wise remark of an experienced person, the general chapter, transient! Many laggards like people, speculation ability very much, I missed the humble exchange, but remember to resist the thunder farce.

fish " more difficult to IP better, more easy to IP " is not good; the elite IP theory and Guo total " flow rate is the first productivity on " it is said that many people are looking for, is to see the fish and go, I have to say that Dong Zong is really the Bin Bin. GJj’s so


looks like rubbish flow and elite IP can make money, but there is a blog webmaster do not need their own pseudo single IP theory, let me master shame, it is worth learning, the blog to buy shares the membership fee of the earlier, if not too greedy, should not be a matter of course. The fact that he is a reason to boast without shame, he is the family station elite IP, in the forum post, but not difficult to see from the original is the hard truth, two months more than 10 thousand income is due to the original


a SEO brother, for elementary and intermediate station will definitely inspire, it is worth learning, but very unfortunately, can.