Luo Guibin personal experience is not fooled earning one hundred thousand little secret exposure

title looks a bit like the title of the party or soft Wen, but I believe you do not think so after reading. The whole process was a personal experience I had a few months ago.

a few months ago, the weather was very good. In the afternoon, I went shopping in the supermarket. The supermarket is very big. It has three floors. The inside of the goods is dazzling, the supermarket is this one of the most fire inside the supermarket, things cheaper than other places and special offer every day. Just today, the supermarket activities, sixteen items can draw, I counted my purchases, there is still two. So I picked it up on the first floor. When I look at a special big red dates, suddenly a woman came over the cart, the special items of red dates are placed on their shopping cart. Then she rushed to grab the other special offer goods. I see her, she is the mistress of a small grocery store downstairs. In this special offer of the original more than and 60 star jujube, jujube, special offer after less than 30. It suddenly gave me some inspiration, so I did a very efficient thing for the next month.

first, I recruited a few part-time in his hometown (Beijing a month to 1000-2000 yuan, the home of the five hundred a month, Le fart) finally recruit a total of ten people, three students, seven unemployed young people. They have a common characteristic, like online shopping. Of which three monthly salary of $six hundred, the seven is five hundred, the monthly labor costs as follows 3*600+7*500=5300RMB

spent the weekend two days of rest, the staff of the ten, the network training. Help them to collect the mainstream of the site and the site to buy the site’s address. Teach them to open their own shop. Up and down operation of products. In addition to the online community to exchange their own shop to several mainstream to the text, how to write soft paper and other related knowledge (how to write soft paper and optimization skills will be in the future shop owners in the diary details)". Requires at least two to three items of value per person per day. One week spike a valuable commodity. Items purchased to my request to a few related communities and in their shop shelves. During this time I work every day to see what they are getting and selling. And software (insect insect insect mass is the use of a SEO and optimization techniques of software bugs and webmaster), send goods information on the 80 thousand day forum. At the same time, I have an online shopping sharing community everyone will be released to the web site (the community ultimately accounted for 15% of the turnover) web site will not be issued, or else it will become soft.

a brief description of profit margins, such as we have a film on the u.s.. Beijing general large price is 80 yuan -120 yuan. The film is 42 yuan to buy (worth $200, 2 movie tickets +2 cup coke +1 popcorn), the end of our group to buy the price is $80. A part-time staff registered ten accounts, a total of 100. The first day of sales success 60