Share some tips to open the shop

online shop cost is low, the most suitable is that there are already actual shops, and then to expand the market. But the only left with nothing whatsoever in the online shops, people choose in the online shop is the use value of the advantages of low cost, then how should the stock


1 products from where? If you do not buy, I am afraid that no one is free to provide photos, but if there are dozens of products, it is difficult for me to buy a


2 I want to do is jewelry and baby supplies. This commodity is the most important quality. However, the quality of the goods in the wholesale market is really low, then where should I purchase it?

3 is done by yourself or in the interest of Taobao or login



1 is actually very simple, why do not you want to do this brand of online agents? No one will refuse the business, the factory will provide you with pictures;

2 I have done a period of time to sell the home fabric online. My supply from the factory, not a small factory, is specialized in the export of foreign processing plants. They are incremental for each product 5%, for the return of foreign. After the completion of this order, they are 5% of the incremental stock, you can buy very cheap. Excellent quality, low price of good Dongdong;

3 rely on a large site, you will open the market.