From the death of a short lived product to understand the initial product path

introduction: in the Internet market, there are too many products and some products of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the fire for a while is aborted, some have not appeared stillborn. At the beginning of the business, what is the direction of the product good?


in the Internet market, we have seen too many short-lived products. Some of the fire for a while is aborted, some have not appeared stillborn. Are dead, leaving you not a meal at leisure to talk about, but should be deep thinking.

just need to be the right direction of the product

a lot of people at the beginning of the business had been confused, I actually do what direction of the product is good?

product orientation is a major decision making. As we all know, a strong user stickiness of the product, it is needed. Simply put, it should be just needed. We believe that good products, we should just go along this direction. Although the fashion can earn enough eyeballs, but just need to be long enough. Because the times become more and more fast, the demand is basically unchanged. For example, from the ancient feibook to later stage, from the SMS to the present WeChat, you will find that they are just, in solving people convey this information needs.

further, you will find that nowadays a lot of user stickiness strong applications or products are bionic reality of things, such as Alipay Taobao wallet bionic, bionic supermarket. The reality of the existence of things, why will be needed because it is just needed, it must be used! So it is the right direction.

and when you know the direction of the product you choose is right, all you need to think about is how to do it well. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the product should be to help people reduce costs (such as time, energy, money, etc.), and make people work more efficiently.

minimize feasible product validation requirements

verification of product requirements is a process of continuous repetition. The general entry is to quickly introduce a minimum viable product (the first version of the product), to verify that the product is needed by the user and the market.

is our experience, to find some friendly test user groups, will only give them the core functions of the prototype trial, according to the analysis of their feedback and demand, adjust and improve the products; continue to search for the test group, to continue to improve the product feedback. At this time to minimize the feasibility of products as simple as possible, light and small. As we all know, the bigger an object is, the harder it is to change its trajectory. Rules in the physical world, the same applies in the Internet world.

when you discover new data or prove that your product is out of line, you have to adjust your product to the needs of your customers and the market. In this process, the faster you deal with user feedback, the faster the pace of adaptation to the market. By >