A second tier cities operating single blind date and entertainment profit method secret

at present, left men 3S lady a second city has become a problem of contemporary phenomena typical of Chinese, after working young people from 25 to 35 years old, unmarried population shows a growing trend. In this context, how to make full use of the market to profit through the project operation related to single men and women? Today and share the first-tier cities, operating single young men and women of other entertainment projects profitable experience, hope that we can continue to broaden the way of thinking, to find suitable and successful practice of the road to profitability.

, how to thoroughly investigate the

on the single market

if you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen such a big city, then congratulations, you are in the city of men and women in the market is very large, and if it is some inland provincial capital city and better development of the second city, although the market as a line of the city is so big, but enough to in operation, the first step to do is to thoroughly investigate the simple single market.

is a condition through QQ group search function, through the search for relevant keywords, such as "Shenzhen" single "city" and "friends" and other words to find and join in there for a while and participate in the discussion of the basic situation, familiar with local groups and single love entertainment and communication style; two is through local forums, through the relevant city exchange plate, understand the characteristics of the local activities for young people, for the next step to advance investigation and study.

two, how to create and promote the platform to gather the single user

in simple to thoroughly understand the situation of local young people, then you need to consider creating controlled by their own platform to gather these groups of users. This platform includes several single dating forum, SNS community, QQ group, focusing on the use and development of the platform should be chosen according to the owners of personal experience and expertise, not recommended simultaneous operation and operation of more than two kinds of platform, to avoid the lack of energy. Whether it is the forum, SNS community, or QQ group, are the current young people like the way to make friends, with the inherent advantages of promotion.

in the promotion of their own platform, can take the following methods: 1 in advance to join the local single friends QQ group of mail by way of promotion, the key is to write promotion soft Wen, can attract group of friends to join you on your platform; 2 in the forum in the city dating theme the release of the soft plate, through the marketing function of soft city to attract single men and women to their platform; 3 create and publish their QQ friends group, the group released to the other group or forum, wait to attract users came in, and then introduces the forum or SNS community to promote each other’s development platform.

three, how to organize single blind date and entertainment projects to make money

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