How to sell products to start up companies Six main points



companies "money people fine", how to persuade them to buy your product, is a challenging job

sales of products and services to start-up companies are different from traditional sales, you need to have faster response speed and flexibility. Efti, co-founder of ElasticSales, a sales consultant, explains the details of this aspect in detail from a professional point of view Steli.

good idea comes from the solution of the problem, which is a consensus among entrepreneurs. Many start-up companies are targeting this market, and the development of related products sold to other start-up companies. However, many people do not know how to successfully sell products to start-up companies, they will only consider 3 aspects:

1 speed: the speed of the sale of products to start-up companies than to Fortune 500 companies faster.

2 decision: as long as a few people can make decisions. Usually the decision maker is the founder.

3 purchasing power: many start-up companies have access to financing, relative to other small businesses can afford to buy a product.

however, many people may forget that selling products to start-up companies is like aiming at evolving, rapidly changing goals that require faster response and flexibility in the sales process. Here are 6 things you need to keep in mind in this process, which is very important for the successful sale of the company’s products or services.

1 grasp the key points

startups and founders change quickly, and their buying decisions are the same. Be sure to save everyone’s time and highlight the key points when contacting startups. You don’t need a complicated conversation, you just need to highlight the main points and goals, make sure that it is the needs of the start-up company, and then sell as much as possible.

2 don’t brag about

to start-up companies selling products, you can like a businessman flashy without substance. Startups like people who understand their needs and challenges. When you come into contact with the founders of startups, you need to assume that you are talking to some of the smartest people, so you need to respect their intelligence and be honest about the product and its performance as much as possible. Most founders can quickly find out if you’re bragging, so don’t waste your time on it.

3 immediately bring value to

startups don’t care what benefits your product will bring over the next few months, quarters, and years. They don’t have the patience to wait for a long time before the product realizes its value. When selling products, ensure that the value of the start-up companies to show, and what benefits can bring. If you can help them save time, provide them with relevant data, promote their growth, or help them recruit and manage talent, then you need to show.