Do Wangzhuan on housekeeping service promotion

bidding to promote domestic service

had a serious sewer blockage at home, so the Internet search quickly dredge sewer housekeeping services. After the call to find the past, the other side received a phone call that they are an information platform company, for a while to notify the sewer cleaner to call me back. Shortly after the phone call, on a good price is 30 yuan, 10 minutes after the plumber arrived at my house, with the tools of less than two minutes to solve the problem of the sewer. Then he immediately went to another treatment. I asked him how much business every day, he said there are dozens of single business every day, every single 10 yuan commission to the information platform of

you know, domestic service general psoriasis through advertising or distribute advertising to promote business street, but with the city health examination is more and more strict, with the increasingly fierce competition, business is difficult to do. If we use the Internet to publish, whether the business will be better? Network is a new information platform, but most engaged in housekeeping staff are not on the Internet, which may be related to the nature of their work, many people from the countryside to the workers, no chance to contact computer.

so that we can extend an idea:

(1) on the web to search for local home service information to understand the information posted on the website.

(2) to publish the same information to the same information platform, so that your information is likely to go beyond the number of others or to carve up the flow of others.

(3) with a number of domestic companies to talk about cooperation, set a good introduction to the percentage of each customer’s commission.

(4) to expand domestic service content, including moving services, cleaning services, etc..

this method is through the search engine advantage to obtain some customer information, and then subcontracted to domestic service personnel to earn commission.

through the promotion of network writer political services, earn hundreds of dollars a day is very easy. Sometimes, the more the humble place, the more the existence of high profits, because others look down, there is no expert involved in this industry, when you enter this industry, the competition is not fierce.

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