Can not find the profit model is not 2 of the wrong

Haven’t write anything, on the one hand is busy with work, but also because the Internet is afraid, this year an eventful year, from the beginning to the present Hula up new concept a large site, and now to splinters down a piece of. The Internet is like this, in the capital of the catalyst is always out of a beautiful bubble, and then quickly disappeared.

building profit this point is not 2 problems, all new entrepreneurial Internet problems faced by enterprises. This problem has plagued Sina, Sohu, also plagued QQ, NetEase, dangdang.

off the 2 mask, face the profit dilemma, entrepreneurial enterprises facing the market analysis, strengthen the operation, to find their own market is fundamental. The new enterprise depends on the concept of speculation is not big, the operation is not to say it.

new enterprise is a new enterprise, you can "fearless", but not "do not" tiger "tiger" is more important;