Ali mother advertising alliance to enter the food market stage

The site of the

all know that a site’s survival needs certain economic support, the do not say, said one domain name and space out of this website, will not fall from the sky, need to get money to buy. Raise a website achievement this term Wangzhuan, but also the achievements of the big and small advertising alliance.

is now the number of advertising alliance, so it is hard to imagine, but in fact the so few: Google Adsense, Baidu and Ali mother, small needless to say, with the search engine can now find hundreds or even thousands of years, but the reputation is not to say, filled with a large bag advertising alliance, hang a webmaster immediately closed, another domain name again.

well, today to talk about the gossip said, mom, mom what can be done to the point now in just two years, I feel free from two points: one is to pay on the advantages of Google Adsense before the check, shipped to China, although you can choose difficulty as can be imagined, now the Western Union. But the $100 for most of the webmaster is not a small figure; Baidu is the bank card transfer characteristics of the exposed. But mom is different, with Alipay in the number of domestic users powerful and simple features, quickly won the favor of the webmaster, even a bit of money can get, obediently, not bad. The two is the initial position and the majority of small owners, due to the difficulty of Google Adsense and Baidu in the application, and the advantages of CPC advertising, forcing many webmaster to join Ali mother’s army in the past, the mom in a step by step to grow up.

in general, Ali’s mother has gone through three stages: the first stage is regardless of size, the site on the line. I remember I used to have a website that had just bought the domain name and space, but no construction, so only a few words "a home page on the site is under construction!", but this was actually a success for the mom, now is unthinkable. The second stage began to focus on the quality of the site, but this stage concerns the website quality, may be due to the mom technology or other reasons, only focus on the quantitative index website, generally is a site for Pr and Alexa ranking, I have done a test, have a very rich content of the site, no Pr and Alexa rank, application is not successful, but another website, if I remember is the United States hostrator offer free hosting and a free two level domain name, this site is not what substance, only a framework 9991 home page, and then at the bottom with a period of advertising, the application is successful, you know query the Alexa rankings, two domain names and top-level domain name is the same, so we believe that the quality of the Ali Mama, most probably it did not actually happen this site is high. The third stage is now at this stage, Ali mother began to pay attention to the overall quality of the site, Pr and Alexa ranking, of course, but the overall quality is also taken into account.