Make your website and forum easy to increase the amount of traffic

Use the fastest time to make your site and forum easy to increase the amount of traffic

method to increase the amount of access forum:

1. Not too many columns.

have dozens of registered members of the forum, there are two columns, thirty…

in the forum registered members is less than 500, preferably only 3-5 columns, each registered more than 500 people when you can add a column. This is easier to gather popularity. Think about it, users see the post in the column is very few, very few people, cold, people will go to you there?. Column less or more management development.

2. All but not special.

most they are susceptible to the same mistake. Is not the whole. Do a forum that there are technical columns and literary columns, including music and movies…

For example, do

carefully collected data, make your own section of the QQ data is the most complete, so that others may find songs, or find a movie, they will not come to you, but if they want to QQ you, here is the most authoritative, until you can not be here, so it is easier to the success of oh.

3. Registered members for a long time without deleting.

4. The owner is not responsible for.When the owner appointed

5. Appropriate increase in online time.