College students 700 thousand years of entrepreneurship how they do it 2

most people are not interested in the experience of entrepreneurship, but how can we portray a successful entrepreneur without these boring experiences?


smart box founder Zhang Ming / salt technology writer 700 thousand students in two years of profit, how do they do it? (I), salt science writer mentioned we venture two years to earn income, today we talk about the story behind.

if what entrepreneurship is the most attractive, I think people are seen on each side of successful entrepreneurs scenery, people count his profits, he shares, but people do not know what they have experienced. Most people are not interested in the experience of starting a business, but how can we portray a successful entrepreneur without these boring experiences?

we are the same, how our several college students success in two years for corporate profits reached 700 thousand about the previous article, I want to talk about this before the transformation that I almost broke the story, and we have experienced what.

‘s entrepreneurial passion a head-on blow

in January 2012, when the four of us were senior students, we were already preparing for the start of our college education program. For this venture the four of US $100 thousand start-up capital ready to put all sorts of things together, for the time or the student us money is money.

with money, with the project as if the future has been in the hands of a bright, but the reality is not satisfactory.

we have chosen the education machine industry as a project because our team is very good at doing this — people who have been playing robots since childhood, and people who can make all the important parts of the robot. Coupled with the high profits of educational robots, based on the above we will hold one hundred thousand yuan on the entrepreneurial road.

Before the

robot in education decision, salt technical writers also do some market research, we find the four primary school in Chengdu and Leshan two places to do a survey, also the domestic robot QQ group to find nearly 100 teachers to do a survey on the internet. The results of the survey reflect the educational robot market is very large, there are a lot of people interested in this thing, students are also willing to enter this new thing.

looks like this should be a good news for us, but also let us have more confidence in the market. However, the results of the investigation and the actual operation of the real relevance? Perhaps, but the market survey and the real marketing operation of the association is not so strong as we generally think, there are a lot of invisible links.

The start-up capital one hundred thousand yuan

with four together, with the result of the investigation, we prepared four co-founder of a big market in education robot. According to the original idea, we would like to have a semi public and semi commercial activities with us through the Education Bureau