How to build a successful Wangzhuan station operation


has long been engaged in the registration, click on the free Wangzhuan person has a heart inexplicable impulse, that is: I want to grow bigger, I don’t want to click on ads, I want to build an own Wangzhuan station. I am from 2008 began to make money online, from the beginning, I have this impulse, and finally implemented, with respect to a garbage station, Wangzhuan station still has its own originality, have at least a clear profit model. Below, I simply share how to build and operate a simple Wangzhuan station.

first, the construction of a return station

believe that many people are engaged in free Wangzhuan not unfamiliar to the rebate, from the rebate rebate to engage in a process of growth of webmasters. The rebate is mainly aimed at some click site abroad, in 2008 reached the pinnacle of the industry, then, do commissionable earn 100 yuan is not a dream, remember NeoBux’s brilliant, many owners rely on this project to earn more than $100, now I have some unbelievable.

although the rebate station is not so good, but as the entry site and the accumulation of human resources and loyal members, still has strong vitality and maneuverability, generally a commissionable team has 100 active members has been very successful.

analysis: commissionable station the biggest drawback is the need to set up the team, at the same time to do professional rebate for investment is required; the utility model has the advantages of long development to a certain size, the site has a fixed back, as long as there is a stable team, traffic on the site is not very worried. In fact, many do not have the same site to return.

two, build a list of stations


list is standing in some projects will be made into a table, it was very popular in the hyip, but I think, whether foreign or domestic, some recommended project site, for example, I run the star web, all belong to this category.

analysis: the list of stations mainly rely on Project Commission to profitability, the biggest advantage is that the operation is relatively simple, no customer site, once completed, do not need to spend too much time, especially to customer service, more suitable for online part-time to do; the disadvantages are also obvious, must have a stable flow of support, otherwise it is difficult to maintain, unless the site is quite distinctive, otherwise it is difficult to form a repeat.

commissionable station and the station is a list of traditional types of Wangzhuan circles is currently very popular, more suitable for individuals or small groups, but earnings are not very ideal, in a sense, also have their own products and services.

three, building a small Witkey website

this is a relatively high-end site type, with its own unique products and services. The so-called Witkey station, is the platform site, of course, we could not have made the pig Witkey a big Mac, we only need to do a certain industry Witkey platform, a fine that is.