Chinacache Wang Song how spent the bubble and crisis

chinacache is the first company in 2010 landed in Wall Street China stocks, the share price was about $30, less than a year, has dropped to about $11.

Wang Song sat in his office, listening to the bonsai from the gurgling sound of water, up and down at the computer screen on the stock price chart, calm to drink a cup of tea said: "it has been accustomed to the ups and downs."

Wang Song still remember the year when the newly created chinacache, an investor Intel once came to his company to inspect. After walking in a circle in a small company, they sat across the desk in front of the exchange, investors said jokingly: "you do the work is not reliable, this thing should be the telecom operators do, you make sure the game." Three or four years later, probably in 2004, or the investors, once again, on behalf of Intel to chinacache, before he changed the attitude of the China, said: "I did not expect you to become the largest Chinese."


2000, Wang Song and chinacache together had a hard time. At that time, the Internet bubble was blown big, most of the Internet Co’s profit model is still in the exploratory stage. Although many websites rely on the blue flood CDN technology, but it is difficult to come up with money to chinacache checkout. Wang Song clearly remember, sina is the first CDN chinacache business customers, because the business model is not clear, what did not earn money. Then, after a long time under bill, Sina decided to give their own advertising Dizhang chinacache. "At that time, has not been able to make money Internet Co, in the face of the bubble, it is a great challenge for us."

experienced a bubble in 2000 is not enough. 2008 financial crisis. "A lot of network video site financing can not keep up, just put up the shutters." Wang Song said that at that time almost all the domestic video sites are my customers. Many video sites have to put shares as collateral, so as to alleviate their debt, most of the time, out of debt to us can reach wuliuqianwan."

today, although through the bubble a decade ago and a few years ago, the financial crisis, chinacache can still survive and grow, what Wang Song the crisis and the bubble and chinacache is how come? What brings about the crisis and foam? In the face of the future of the road sector, and how listening to the gurgling sound and vision? Light drinking tea, Wang Song accepted the "entrepreneur" interview with reporters.

"entrepreneur": in 2000, the Internet industry in a large bubble, the sites are not profitable, chinacache is how come


Wang Song: in fact, this bubble, some people say that the bubble is a bad phenomenon, and some think it is a good phenomenon, the market has always been uneven. May be for some enterprises, is indeed a bubble; and for some enterprises, in fact, >