Zhou Hongyi entrepreneurs should be free to charge a new minimally invasive start

Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi has been regarded as the Internet industry showstopper, however, from the start of the history of Zhou Hongyi, which does have a lot of entrepreneurial learning is worth the place.

talked about the rise of 360 had to mention the success of the 360 anti-virus and security guards products accepted by the user, a slogan of "free of charge for the lifetime of 360 anti-virus", really opened a new pattern of domestic anti-virus software.

now, as successful entrepreneurs Zhou Hongyi, put forward the "disruptive innovation" problem for entrepreneurs, he also talked about the secret of success in 360, micro-blog Zhou Hongyi said, "recently, entrepreneurs ask me how disruptive innovation? I don’t say it is not subversion, rise up, but not the mob, not so grand. You can first look at the industry giants to do the product, the charges can not be free, you can not be cheap, complex can not be simple, trouble can not be changed. If you can find, then congratulations, you start from micro innovation, it is possible to achieve disruptive innovation."

toll free, complex becomes simple, trouble becomes convenient. We can see that such a new minimally invasive in the 360 products have indeed been reflected and confirmed.

this information published after the innovation of Zhou Hongyi for entrepreneurs, again by micro-blog said, "some people mention innovation, think I could build a research institute, many experts have to hire a doctor, did not invent a whole N algorithm, a patent, or get a Coca-Cola like secret, all feel shy to speak of innovation. In fact, this approach does not apply to entrepreneurs."