The failure of Xu Zhaojun Chinese introspection entrepreneurs you must run


"pops" has been launched for more than five months, there is little published for nearly two years, they are launched by Xu Zhaojun, today’s fate is different.

the domestic light blog father summed up the little experience of failure, recognition of the "pops" transformation is to explore more opportunities in the mobile Internet, and from the ID and superego are analyzed, including little bean products including the opportunity in the mobile Internet era.

in the article, Xu Zhaojun believes that although the mobile Internet opportunities, but also full of challenges, he said:

mobile internet no miracle. We may have four or five years or even seven or eight years to create the next great company.


articles from the "entrepreneurs" magazine in February 13, TECH2IPO an article.

from last year, I found that the PC side of the product is not feasible to copy the mobile internet.

Facebook listed the biggest problem is how to move it later it acquired Instagram. Tencent launched a WeChat, download quickly catch up with QQ2012. In May and June last year, I completely want to clear, PC side of the decline is like the Titanic into the water, the bow has sunk, but also a slide, but when it really breaks, just a moment.

mobile Internet users taste and PC end user grade has been completely different. To this day, I can say for sure that you have no chance of making the PC Internet yet. PC end of "gaoshuai rich" are also facing the same problem: if two or three years can not find the right points, must finish.

what is a good product? I read Freud’s book recently, he mentioned the philosophical concept of ego and superego also seems to be applicable to products.

For example,

super ego type products, help them to your work, give you a better life outside of work, the human instinct demand outside. A really good product is to satisfy people’s needs of ID.

company can do superego products, small companies do not have ID type products difficult to form a reputation.

so I do "pops", just want to make it easy and fun, not to engage in the Internet that a set of complex PC. The product is simple and powerful, the two seemingly contradictory, but you should pay attention to the unity of opposites. Ensure that the product is simple and must be powerful product features. WeChat, search engines are very simple, but they are very powerful.

pops is a product ID. Now if I recall where little bit wrong, the fundamental reason lies in the "light blog" is a product.

little the user cares about art and architecture and fashion, which has risen to the level of aesthetics, is the superego demands. Just like there’s electricity on watercress