Google why these days suddenly a large number of K

my account for nearly half of the existing, have been confiscated money, these two months to site traffic, GG’s revenue reached 500 knife, but PIN has not received, did not receive.

re apply

16 open the web site in the morning to see the GG ad is no longer displayed, and I feel bad, immediately landed to see to see the account was K.

then I will give a few forum to complain, who knows the response to many of my friends account is 16 to 18 of the three days is K off, and the account has 100 knife above, several men also more than a thousand knives, what a pity!

why Google large number of deleted? Google Mail said that because your account has a large number of invalid clicks, in order to protect the advertisers, so stop your account, all advertising costs are returned to the advertiser. (really can return to advertisers, I suspect.


I can assure you that I have never deliberately ordered my ad, nor have I been asked to click on my ad.

is this a few days a large number of accounts appear at the same time the invalid click? If only delete one or two there is a reason, this large number of deleted, some people feel Google in flow and time, cheating is not fair. If the owners really have a mechanism in the test, you should find a first delete a ah, why a large number of Google is deleted? Then we all love reprisals? Owners are cheating Google


this way, what is the credibility of Google? Where is justice?