Google Adsense should not be put in nternet cafes

google Adsense should not be put in the Internet cafe

do a website advertising Adsense on top, but the effect is not good, so think of Internet promotion, but are not sure

Hello, I have a website now, and put the Adsense advertising on
this may cause web traffic and Adsense ad Click most from a fixed IP segment and specific area,

do to not violate Adsense rules?

look forward to the Adsense team reply. ~

the following is the Adsense group through 163 mail to me!

Google AdSense group from
The following is the Adsense

for the safety of your account, please don’t put ads.
if you have other questions, we recommend that you visit the AdSense support page ( or AdSense ( Chinese blog. Contact us with, can help us to solve the problem as soon as possible for you.

Google AdSense from


can be seen from these two letters, Google Adsense is not suitable for re – >