Love Shanghai search results today show the priority of original content

it is understood that love the sea will increase the original protection and support in the upcoming month.


love Shanghai has been brewing in the original spark program has been quietly on the line. In the search engine results, with priority identification, through Internet show original content, help users more convenient access to the original information content, users will be more traffic oriented original party to protect the Internet original content.

it is understood that the original love Shanghai spark program will be through the "original Easy Access, the original author, the original column brand zone" three mechanisms to the greatest degree of outstanding original. Love Shanghai original spark program is used to judge first invitation, original news agencies, mainly for Internet original content is more concentrated in the original author, love Shanghai according to the original party of the qualification, the original volume, the invitation, at present, the original Easy Access has accumulated into 4 million 500 thousand original links, dozens of well-known authors love Shanghai original spark program search show support. The future, love Shanghai are also interested in the original spark plans to expand to other fields, such as the original music, original video, animation and so on, and will adopt an open application mechanism in the future.

addition, when searching a name of the author in Shanghai, the search results in the first appeared in a comprehensive display of encyclopedic information author’s name card, including the author introduction, personal pictures and other core content, the recent original articles also show the results page in the line, the user can directly read click. When users search for "people’s Daily" and other media in the name of love in Shanghai, can be seen on the official website and the media love Shanghai encyclopedia "original brand integration display area, the organizers, including the media publishing cycle, domestic issue and other information, can be a key to enter the electric direct reading online report.

love Shanghai original spark plans to start or to change the situation. Found in the search for "love Shanghai Xin, Wang Zhizhi from" the news headlines, and retrieval of words associated with the highest degree of Phoenix sports exclusive original comment has been pushed to the top of the search results, and add a significant "original" standard. With the news at the same time also included to show the author name, release media and publication time.



it is understood that, as the entrance of Internet information, search engine to collect the information of "tens of billions of dollars, including the original content, also reproduced content. In the past, when a user searches for a keyword, related to the highest degree, the most visited web page or site preference will be displayed, whether the original web page or web site is often overlooked. This result was caused by the reprint side tend to get higher than the original flow diversion, and then get more brand show and profit, but to a large extent damage to the interests of the original.