Discussion on the common factors that affect the ranking of Taobao baby

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manager will meet each buyer refund please, perhaps with your baby not what relationship, probably because the buyers to fill in the wrong information or changed his mind, and request a refund, which is often happened, although this with the Seller itself, what is too large, but this behavior buyers will affect the Taobao search ranking baby. If the customer service have customers are complaining about baby or shop, the more baby ranking, to store the impact caused by the not underestimate.

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novice manager who in the first shop is not detained too, because of their Taobao ranking mechanism does not understand, and unconsciously violating the rules of Taobao, to be penalized. This is the baby search rankings have certain effects on later stage, for such cases is no violation in the front row, irregularities in the last row, the same is not cheating in the front row, cheating in the back row, therefore, often caught to brush reputation illegal cheating this is a list of points, is certainly to be expected.


every day, each pageview baby with the turnover rate will affect the baby’s search ranking, if a baby shop every day you have a lot of people to click on, but the turnover rate is very low, not what people buy it. This baby search rankings too high, but if the baby turnover rate is very high, but it is bad, will affect the baby’s ranking, therefore, the baby should not only have the turnover rate, but also to have a favorable rate.

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is illegal, cheating

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is Taobao Shanghai dragon more and more hot, natural ranking of each Taobao store are very concerned about their baby in the search bar, Taobao search rankings every update, there will be some store manager part of joy, sorrow, this is no way, who let us not clear Taobao search ranking system below A5? Stationmaster net Shanghai dragon diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and everybody simple talk about common factors affecting Taobao baby ranking what, what is the reason about Taobao ranking

Taobao QQ each brush group, brush collection also brush praise, in short, to promote Taobao shop is more and more hot, but not more of your baby, the better ranking, although this is the theory, but if you try to brush every day a lot of but unfortunately, Taobao is found, then the collection you bother to brush not only did not play the role, but also let your baby more than those who rely on, no amount of baby.