The depth of love Shanghai thermal click map

click on the link graph is mainly to show the user’s attention to the link. This can be analyzed from click map, what column users click rate is high, can consider the corresponding column forward. This can be more in line with the user experience. To sum up, click on the thermal map is a good tool for the analysis of user needs, through this tool we can intuitively understand our website visitors love most content, we can make optimization strategies for the next step of the development of the.

the following Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon small to give us guidance on how to add thermal click map.

After the installation of As long as we love

add thermal click map for your website, in the "love Shanghai statistics" background – the top navigation bar "page click – click" add "click" – enter your statistics web site, you can.

and red heat map, click is more users, most users are most concerned about the content, in addition, click on the map and a thermodynamic function is to "click on the link map, through this function, we can see the page links at the click of a fixed period of time.

good thermal click map, after waiting for a few days with enough data, you can see the statistical result, shown below is Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon small thermal blog click map.


1, visit our website users interested in the content, what content is not interested. The content of interest on the part of the contents, should strengthen the construction, updating frequency, not interested in the content, should delete or modify etc..

for the user of the content of the optimization, you can optimize the PV quantity, our website bounce rate and retention time data. The number >

3, when our website design and marketing activities, to observe whether there is a user to click on, check the effectiveness of marketing activities, and what needs to be improved.

as a Shanghai Longfeng staff, you must be in trouble, why is your website optimization to the medium-term, using the normal means of optimization optimization, inclusion and ranking is not change, this time you have to click on the map refer to thermodynamic considerations, the main function is to display the geographic area of thermodynamic diagram area or the page where visitors are in order to highlight the special form. Show the visitor on a page, click on the color change distribution map, the user clicks on the red orange and green time intensive, click said less! Following Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon Xiaobian to take a look at thermodynamic diagram:

2, which links understand more clicks, appropriate to click on links to the high clear local transfer.

love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram (also known as love is love Shanghai Shanghai click map) in order to encourage the webmaster do a tool user experience, mainly to analyze user’s own website, click where, click through the thermal map, we can see the following information: