Shanghai Longfeng optimization clear four problems can really enhance the optimization effect


we know today with the development of the Internet, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the Internet marketing tide, as a webmaster Shanghai Longfeng search engine optimization is a key link of our marketing, a lot of people of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is at the end of the day to increase the content of red herring, release the chain, not knowing what is true your users? What users really need? The author thinks that Shanghai Longfeng optimization only truly understand the following four problems can really improve the optimization effect, so we continued into the theme of short gossip today.

first, you can locate your search users? That we must understand the search engine optimization, what is our target customer groups? For example, many sites in the optimization of the website especially when enterprise website construction was Yi Yun, a simple web site to add some news sites such as the successful case, products and so on, even if the Internet marketing program, even if we understand the customers? Before actually this kind of style in the initial planning template website has been slow, because you can’t really understand what is your users? Not for professional users to make our website needs analysis and website value the unique design for users? These things Christine Fan there is no any attraction, because similar sites a catch A lot of customers already got used to, the core of Internet marketing and positioning is that the user needs to grasp, not really our target user created template like corporate website at the beginning of optimization before the start.

third, whether the site has meet the needs of users of products and content? Understanding the real needs of users, we have to do is on the site planning.

second, what is the search needs of users? This point and a point is very consistent, our target user first, second order to meet its unique value point through the website layout, this is the key point, the author illustrates, such as a lot of fertilizer site I see is a lot of methods of weight loss and column section, if you carefully analyze love Shanghai drop-down or relevant search and you will find the existing weight loss video visual needs a lot of people, because the search engine development to the present algorithm is very strict, mainly to talk with data, how can we improve the site rankings influence how the user click behavior that is not just some simple article can solve, the user is more diversified things, if we can provide a lot of other Q & a site does not have the weight loss into the plate, the video module, micro-blog SNS and so on social elements, you will find your website value back is ahead of peers, identify the others do not have, the needs of users to search new mining is the basic points of website optimization is the core, mining user needs to understand the rational the reflection of the demand on the website, it is a need to continue to repeatedly study and research professional Shanghai Longfeng Er every day things, now you see Shanghai dragon Er every day to do exactly what the