Love Shanghai strategy on page quality oppression the bleak fate B2B should decide on what path to


but on the contrary, B2B is the most serious site of low quality, and can the medical website talk and so on, "the quality is the lowest. However, the most common site of B2B is not online website began filling a large number of content, such as on-line love Shanghai will be the content included and displayed to the user. In the beginning of site caused by accumulation of low quality ", coupled with the mid and late acquisition of other B2B content, resulting in the entire site is rubbish site, you say you love Shanghai not punish your site also punish who? Therefore, love Shanghai in the second half will crack down on the low quality B2B >

according to some reliable news, love Shanghai officials are doing the last step the white paper to beautify the is expected at the end of May to early June released the full version of the white paper. So during this period, Shanghai will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the quality of love "section of the B2B site and the low quality score, if the website page too much and does not meet the standard, Shanghai will punish love on the part of the B2B site, it is obvious to people we love the sea between the index of the amount of serious decline, the website weight back to the night before liberation or lost some weight. Of course, this may be the original May, but officials said love Shanghai, love Shanghai will implement the contents of the white paper in the second half of this year, and crack down on the low quality web site, let the Internet get rid of web content user experience.


May will do, in the darkness of May, Shanghai issued a "love love" sea search quality white paper ", although the white paper also just outline, but have so many owners of small heart can not bear, but there are many webmaster is down at the edge of a mental breakdown due to the site index and stand volume fell net weight in particular, the station master of the B2B industry, in the darkness of May is experiencing a strong wind and big waves.

said in May was the darkest month? Love is mainly because Shanghai has issued a white paper on the quality of web search, while the white paper mainly aimed at the quality of the web page, to encourage high quality "," blow the low quality, low quality, let the user experience of the web content did not disappear in the search engine and let the high quality, the user experience of the web show in the search engine, and give a good web page ranking. However, there are many B2B sites for the index amount caused by a serious decline in Shanghai love right down in May, traffic is down and down, let the webmaster B2B too much to handle. In addition, there are also many right down and couldn’t get on the weight of B2B to A5 webmaster webmaster nets do Shanghai dragon diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) service, but after our diagnosis, part of the B2B is because the site "caused by the poor quality of the index and the site of a serious decline many of the original included" had been kicked in the search engine, resulting in B2B drop right.