Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization promote the keywords ranking tips

6, if you have no special meaning of domain requirements, small advice website to use remember the old name, remember, must check the domain name history before the purchase of the old domain name, a careful analysis of the K has not been trace! If none of these are ready, then do is stick and wait! The website construction skills of more enterprises to contact Henan norikatsu Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Copyright Puyang website: 贵族宝贝xianshengdz贵族宝贝/ original text, please indicate the source, and retain the link, otherwise we will take measures to punish plagiarism, thank you

!The original link: 贵族宝贝xianshengdz.c> ! Keywords:

1, the website structure reasonable: when building a web site, a website design structure is reasonable, is more conducive to search engine crawlers are mainly two types: the first is a flat structure, second kinds of tree structure is

2, website layout on the site keywords set, recommended popular vocabulary + long tail word combination, do not come to do keywords difficult! Early operation is a new web site, and that is not a little advantage to do a few years old station competition! So early station is recommended to focus on Optimization key words: regional, such as construction sites in Puyang, Beijing and other regional long-distance move! After keywords have a good ranking, then the optimization of a relatively popular vocabulary


to the present situation, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to their own website, through the network channels to enhance its brand awareness, with the sharp increase in the search engine industry site, the degree of competition is more and more, a web site in the search engine to obtain some ranking will be more difficult. This is relevant to the needs of maintenance specialist Master search engine optimization knowledge and skills! Now Puyang website Xiaobian to tell you I have several on the enterprise website construction to enhance the skills of their own web site keywords ranking


4, the chain construction site: their original high quality articles for publication to some well-known websites, such as: home owners, A5, if some technical strong articles can also contribute to Lu Songsong’s blog as the platform, which can not only improve the site’s exposure rate, also can improve the weight of the site

5, Links Construction: after the site has the weight, suggestions and some industry site exchange Links, Links for the number of webmasters there has been some controversy, as long as it is related to a relatively high degree of the site, Links can maintain 20-40 high quality can be

3 quality content: every day released a few original articles highly related in the website, the above to do the anchor text (which will focus on key words, which word do anchor text) and the recommended reading


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