Yu Yongfu’s what search Shanghai is not an enemy and love relationship

mobile search business in the UC had been secretly brewing four years. April 2010 UC line can be seen as the search mobile search business in the last year, Ali began to test the water, the integration of a search team, plus from love Shanghai, nobility baby companies such as staff search, mobile search service "what" officially unveiled at UC for ten years to celebrate the meeting.

now, what a team of about 200 people, mainly from from three parts, yisou, UC and love Shanghai.

"is the core product." If the past ten years, the UC browser to become the "sword", what is regarded as the next ten years on the other.

Yu Yongfu’s idea of what use is mainly a few scenes, the first is to be open to other embedded partners, second is "what" will have a separate App. Third, if the user input sm.cn, can also carry out active search. Yu Yongfu in what brand is from the psychological expectations of active users search more than 50%.

he said, "a search team of mobile search industry.

[Abstract] "I mainly use", Yu Yongfu used these eight words to sum up UC and ali. To love Shanghai, Yu Yongfu said, hope to have more positive interaction.

if there is no "search", UC will launch mobile search in the "what"

said an injection, "I picked up a big cheap." Yu Yongfu said.

for mobile search business, UC and Ali last year has established a joint venture, UC shares accounted for 70%, Ali shares accounted for about 30%.


in memory, UC ten years of entrepreneurial process, and he and He Xiaopeng, Liang Jie attended little. Is the first time in 2007, UC announced that for the first time to enter the market. The second is to obtain NOKIA growth partners financing, the third is the launch of mobile search "what".


at present, UC is not set to what commercial goals, starting when the most important point is how to ensure the mobile search user experience. This is the main goal of all my money is silly to grab traffic." Yu Yongfu said.

why the use of the domain name sm.cn? Initially, UC want to buy sm贵族宝贝 for $3 million, the domain name in the hands of a large investment company, failed to buy. Please turn to the third party company to help purchase sm.cn.


face questions UC science and technology Tencent, and as chairman Yu Yongfu looking at the day, pause for a few seconds, said: "I do not answer your question."

technology in Xiuqian Tencent reported on April 29th

"what" is what

UC chairman Yu Yongfu (micro-blog) (Tencent technology plan)