Stop update snapshot at the old site how to restore and enhance the weight of

Two, the article published

just got this website, I make the following analysis on it:

3, 1G ASP in space: resources, space.

Domain name:

I was the first to their administrators to backstage login password and domain name space management, password, found a cup: all 123456, no wonder horse. Then to the boss suggested that the website space and domain name all transferred to the network, RE development program. As mentioned before the website needs revision, we have to help him to develop good procedures, java procedures, using a J1 type space network. The space domain has two days after the transfer to the network, and then let them put the product data entry site administrator. In addition, the site I program also opened a column called staff diary column, standby.

three, the construction of the chain.

because of that period of time also busy, most things or their administrators do, including:


4, love Shanghai: home page, three months ago, there is no ranking, search the name of the company are not, but the chain has more than 2000 features: PR1; Google, included a lot, but in addition to the home page and other pages are all pornography, was linked to horse.

, a web site analysis.

1, 2001 year old domain name, the domain name age of nearly 10 years, a new domain name.

program: ASP program, do not know how many loopholes, black chain home more than 100, full of illegal websites or hospital website, in addition, there is also a pile of horse.

Shanghai Longfeng people should know that the search engines love you regularly and quantitatively publish original content, according to this characteristic, I have the administrator every morning and afternoon before work send original articles to staff diary, two or three industry news and news columns, can modify the modified, it is impossible to copy newspaper. 5 days later, love Shanghai website snapshot update, included from 0 to more than 20; 17 days later, the content will be released every day website included, product page, old news etc are all included, included the number reached more than 700, Google reached more than 1100, there is a keyword in the top 10, most are still hovering around 100.


two, early treatment.

as a Shanghai dragon or network marketing practitioners, you may often encounter such a situation: customer or company to your site is a construction N years ago, and after the completion of construction have not been updated, has long been love Shanghai, Google snapshot stop updating the website, basically only included the home page. A little better included a few on the US, almost too miserable, even on the Trojan or illegal content. In the face of this website, how are we going to restore the site in the search engine’s weight? Here is a case of me.