Practices in the construction of the chain method and the matters needing attention

does not yet know that the chain is not outside the chain of the promotion of the site, there is no weight, here is to share the tips. Don’t do more, K is too late for regrets.

2, Q & a platform. Q & a platform is really good ah, can not only bring good traffic, can increase the number of the chain. Like SOSO ask, love Shanghai know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sina asked love is where I often go. As do SOSO ask, love Shanghai know, spend time is not long, can also come to about 300 IP, the highest SOSO ask once to 800IP, and many sites using the thief program, collected their data, the chain will increase a lot of intangible. In fact, do inquiry platform is mainly the chain, if you want to do traffic, will take more energy to do a detailed. SOSO ask with easy, what basically no threshold, as long as not too much, generally no problem. Shanghai does not know the basic love connection. Here to share a love of Shanghai know the chain through the 100% methods. We all know that love is as long as the Shanghai site will be through the examination, do not need to do more, so you will find that you want to take the chain. When set to baidu贵族宝贝/www.xxx贵族宝贝 on the line, by 100%, can directly into the web site.


, search engine optimization. Mainly by the high quality original content, high quality, strong chain and perfect internal chain optimization. Of course, also with the website structure, server stability factors and so on. Among them, the chain has been Shanghai dragon Er headache, often in some Adsense forum, Shanghai dragon promotion forum saw a high frequency of the problem is "how to do the chain? Where to send the chain? Mass is beneficial or harmful?"

, 3, friendship connection platform webmaster tools. Now the chain website from many webmaster tools have friendship even.

, a method of the construction of the chain1, soft

today is according to their own practical experience, to share the basic method of Shanghai dragon ER in the construction site outside the chain and the matters worthy of attention.

. The construction of the chain soft Wen is the best, the fastest way, the quality of the chain is very high. A high quality of soft Wen, after constantly reproduced the chain at the same time you will not stop the growth, but also achieve the purpose of promotion website. High quality of soft Wen, is to rely on their own to write, not half the original or reproduced, even it is reproduced here, also does not want to say is their original, plus their website promotion, there is no such thing as a free lunch, opportunistic, if any, also won’t happen to you. Soft release to the correlation between the website platform. Only like-minded people have the same demand for talent will appreciate your soft, imagine the published articles to the Shanghai Longfeng children’s education website,

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