To investigate why love Shanghai algorithm for small and medium sized enterprises Scindapsus station

is certainly love Shanghai has been in the fight against malicious link of the black hat Shanghai dragon, but the green algorithm strengthened this crackdown, for example: Ali slightly this link in the intermediary station by K after the introduction of Scindapsus, but as mentioned above the author of many big news website link is still strong thus, this is not really the love of Shanghai is now thoroughly clear out this link phenomenon, in fact the difficulty from the technology aspect is also very large, for example: the site of the company are accustomed to leaving a company’s website links at the customer site, then this link link belongs to the scope of the others give you free? Single link and buy their own links, both love and how to judge in Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm? These days there are many enterprises The station was drop right, everyone’s first reaction is to doubt their own station is Scindapsus hit. Can be analyzed under their own and no link of history, the only reasonable explanation is finally killed

The first point:

second: love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is really

love Shanghai in the past to the small and medium-sized enterprise station attitude and love the core interests of Shanghai

no matter from the technical level or the webmaster community marketing, love Shanghai will not go, then only shajijinghou, long chain sale >

to shajijinghou

station of small and medium-sized enterprises related to the core interests of love Shanghai, love Shanghai in the past to the small and medium-sized enterprise station attitude everybody to be able to, that is to let more enterprises give up Shanghai Longfeng, and to choose love Shanghai auction. Of course, love Shanghai from their own point of view, to do so entirely reasonable, any company needs to core products and technology, to love Shanghai, love Shanghai auction is love Shanghai’s products, so love Shanghai continued to use their own platform to promote their products. Small and medium-sized enterprises is the love of Shanghai’s most important customer, from this level of special care love Shanghai for small and medium-sized enterprises station is quite reasonable. On the one hand want to draw, one hand want to please, no matter how the love of Shanghai must change the algorithm, this attitude will not change.


algorithm has on-line love Shanghai green for a week, in recent days the stone read many articles about Scindapsus algorithm, some friends think Scindapsus algorithm is just so so, but the algorithm is deployed to the green paper tiger, but also a friend of Scindapsus algorithm than fear, there are friends that hit mainly the object Scindapsus algorithm or the sale of small and medium-sized site links, and many of the major news website even if there is a link of the phenomenon, but still love Shanghai as in the past the "turn a blind eye, pretend not to see, in many small enterprises in the number of station site is very large, I feel the love of Shanghai will certainly Scindapsus algorithm eccentric, for small and medium-sized enterprises station, of course, here is eccentric to quote, love Shanghai special care" algorithm". As for why so eccentric, the author summarizes the following two reasons: