He Kuzong 90 nternet entrepreneurs are still immature

said the most fierce Internet entrepreneurs than 90 entrepreneurs in the network, meet the eye everywhere thunder, use Baidu Search 90 can directly see the 90 entrepreneurs, these 90 are said to create income directly to small business owners did not temper, do you know the Internet because of low cost, as long as there is technology income is certainly high, but they say the million per month, annual income of over ten million, for a small business owners in addition to cost not so much, so scared the boss only looking scared, no temper.

so they really can make so much money?

to do the Internet to make the boss earn good money, earn more money to consumers and students, these 90 entrepreneurs said they did not see how much, we can not prove that Internet marketing is a scam, every day you will receive or see some part-time easy monthly income of over 10000, and most is to recruit agents. This information, you also believe all over the place, if it is so easy to tell him why you? First we don’t talk about it, let’s talk about 90 entrepreneurs.

90 Internet entrepreneurs how they brag we don’t care, but the Internet thinking is worth learning, their personal brand hype I have to say is really a success, if it is converted into their personal brand in our corporate brand income will double hundred, every day from the search index that the relationship is still a lot of people, but can not change Micro customers, their marketing thunder, money must be made to write, but not so exaggerated, there is a saying, Chinese not lack of talent, indeed.

master always behind

said Chinese does not lack of talent, I think of those of my colleagues, they have little net and consumers know, but in the industry is known, our company in the industry brand is also very good and they have a monthly income of over million, really is not a problem, they rely on the strength of their Tencent and Baidu cooperation, such cooperation is not twenty brand strength cooperation to promote cooperation. Sometimes I chat with them, they always say a word "low-key money is the last word" I took A5 to the basic graph king, the industry do not know the only users and consumers do not know it, never mind, A5 Adsense nets, if you haven’t heard about, the owners of the house should have heard of it. They also had success, did not see him beaten ray, I believe there are a lot of net heard, they never blow successful low-key, just to make money, if those 90 really successful, you don’t have to blow, as we all know, I did not see the income you said, you I said the brand as an industry I have seen, this is not your brand, this is your nonsensical, like Lu Songsong’s blog do not blow I know, not that he did so many years, I why I believe in the industry also has I heard a lot of names, why the industry did not hear your name, you suddenly put the thunder, so that we can not touch the head, feeling puzzled.

90 Internet entrepreneurs are still immature

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