Analysis the original article in the end of the Shanghai dragon more important

is not a new website from scratch, especially personal webmaster, must be the original article. First of all, the beginning of the site if it is copied, when the search engine spiders to your website and found your article on the Internet is to have included your article, may not, or included is slow, at the beginning of your original article almost will not be major acquisition in the past because of your website, not too many external links, it is very difficult for others to find you, so just start to adhere to the original article, the original articles updated continuously, continue to do some external links to a certain level, later can update the original article, a collection of some articles, these are the words, because there is a pre personal webmaster a long process. So, stick to the original article

so, we want the original article, original article meaning where? It is necessary to analysis from the perspective of a search engine, search engine how to read an article is the original article, if an article also appeared in a low weight small site and a very high weight website even if the site is small, original, search engine will think the weight high website is the content of the original, first of all, the weight of the high site search engine itself to patronize the frequency is relatively high, so the same even if the release time is a bit different, generally high weight website will be included in the new handsome. The search engine will think high weight website for the original, even if the two article was collected at the same time, the general station generally ranked better, because the weight is relatively high, not because the small article is original ranking is good. So, we do not want to write the original article?

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recently read a user survey, they search for information when most concerned about what, on the Internet shows that many people are most concerned about the content of what they have no value, or whether they really need, this article is the relationship between the user does not appear in the network, there a few times, is not the original article, because users do not know or care about these, they only care about their own needs.

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see a lot of articles about the original article for the importance of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, even love Shanghai official also said the importance of the original article, of course there are some disdain for the original article author, before I wrote an article about the original views on Shanghai dragon, but from a technical level. Love Shanghai admits that the Internet data is huge, many articles are unable to distinguish whether the original article, the website is the original. Secondly, love Shanghai more emphasis is on the quality of the user experience, so long as the user experience is good, is not the original really nothing important?

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