as a novice learning Shanghai Dragon Road

still clearly remember the time I contact Shanghai dragon, I contact from Shanghai at the end of December 2011 the dragon, I had from the investment industry to domestic industry, but I work with network marketing a relationship. I want to like most people, just contact Shanghai dragon when naturally to love the Shanghai encyclopedia. At the time of Shanghai dragon feel mysterious, also feel curious, believe that many just contact Shanghai Longfeng people have the same attitude with me! Because the magic feeling of Shanghai dragon, so gradually to Shanghai, showed a strong interest.


At the end of December 2011 Shanghai dragon

and a domestic company in the domestic industry inside, I am responsible for some of the things, network promotion also has business, of course, the company is very small, small to a man with me with promotion, editing, optimization, with business for a person to do. Fortunately, I am from Shanghai Longfeng with indissoluble bound. I have to share my first contact with the Shanghai Phoenix to learn what.


when a lot of people just contact Shanghai dragon, don’t know what I should learn knowledge! Remember back when I just contacted the Shanghai dragon, my mind is a blank, feel helpless. Do not know Shanghai should learn what dragon system. I just want to make me learn some of Shanghai dragon and some of his experiences to share with everyone, of course I am not what Shanghai Dragon God, Montana and Daisen, even when you search my name on the Internet, could not find too much information. However, I still want to share some of their own journey this year Shanghai dragon. If this article helped with what you do in Shanghai Phoenix on the road of learning, it also let me somewhat pleased.

first, I personally do not understand the code, understand the computer hardware and network engineering focuses on things, because I have a network engineer training institutions in 2008 when training, and my first job is to make the network administrator. After a while I contact Shanghai Longfeng, first of all to learn is some basic concept of Shanghai dragon of things, such as what is the anchor text? What is within the chain, the chain? What is the weight? What is the PR? At that time, those who have their own do not know where I have been silently to love Shanghai, I personally has a habit is what we do not know the first time is the first to love Shanghai to understand their own search, if it can not come out to ask the others. Of course, ask others the way through the love of Shanghai know, QQ technology group asked others. Ask about others the way I described here is no longer. Due to the company network part is I a person busy, so it gives me some convenient conditions, that is the company’s website gives me the opportunity to hand Shanghai dragon. Later, because of the domestic companies to accidentally, I do.