By the end of four traffic circle quanqian experience on grassroots webmaster bidding

keyword is the priority among priorities for the selection of keywords is the process of selecting a user process. Different keywords, corresponding to different levels of users. It must be according to the budget and plan to choose their own keywords. This suggested grassroots webmaster do the bidding time or choose the long tail word high conversion rate, although flow is very small, but the quantities of keywords or can bring effective flow, generally the long tail word to thousands in order to reflect the effect.


, the first brand protection

creative rosy

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with the advance of the Internet, various Internet brand protection consciousness is more and more intense, so when doing the bidding, if you intend to use other brand pull flow, so must ensure that this brand is not for protection, or even spend more money, but also does not allow the prompt. So before bidding can not blindly pass the consultation clear which is not allowed, is the first step to success.

Keywords The

second, selected

near the end of the year, the various manufacturers of promotional quanqian small owners naturally emerge in an endless stream, we are no exception. Christmas and the new year, the end of the year, this one word will urge us to adjust their thinking, everything can be used to start traffic circle. Bidding, promotion, Shanghai dragon group, seemed mood.according, want in 2011 last month to force a complete period for 2011 New Year paintings.

as a grassroots webmaster, the latest trends in daily focus on the Internet is inevitable, so the major manufacturers, B2C launched various activities, I often think, how to more traffic in the next 1 months circle, thought to want to make the final decision on bidding. Have been in progress in this regard, the thinking of bidding is a very simple thing, but in reality is not the case, and we explain below.

is the last match, general choice has four kinds, respectively is widely matching, phrase matching, accurate matching and negative matching. The usual due to the huge number of long tail keywords, so using the exact match is enough, but for some keyword, suggest a wide choice of pre match, it can bring a lot of traffic, screening on later provides a keyword good source. If all the words used in precise matching, then the flow may be narrow, not up to the desired effect.

users search a word, called the rosy red font. All directly influence the user clicks, thus affecting the quality of key, and ultimately affect the click on price, is our cost. So a very key point in writing is the creative group, the same part of speech the word is divided into a group, such as dozens of words using a creative can play a very good effect of rosy health, your account is very good, can effectively reduce the cost.