360 search really clean safe and trusted

throughout the 360 series products, the technology itself is neither the top nor the original, but the name of security under the banner of excessive fooled users work done very well. Even in the face of the old weeks also questioned its public relations take time for Chelsea, wherever. Return to search 360 reached the search camp not only caused vigilance counterparts attack cities and capture territories, more attention by industry and Internet users. To some extent, the 360 is not as reliable as they said the search.

360, a search for the so-called clean

360 line search on a long time, from the beginning to cool hot up. Zhou Hongyi this position of the key step chess, Lazi time slightly but not affect the overall situation of poor. Security gimmick weeks old usual even do search engine is no exception, the slogan of clean, safe and trusted sword to love Shanghai. This had to be reminiscent of soft kill and rogue software collusion when 3721 weeks old gorgeous background for security guards escort netizens. I take 360 security browser to talk about things, a set of IE core shell and N plug-in, validated by the phishing database interception Trojan phishing sites. The consumption of hardware resources have no speed advantage, users really see the safety effect. In the face of the 90% netizens are idiots, the old week product concept is more simple and more fool things better, the technology of complex background, allowing users to see the interface. When it comes to the 360 security guards had to mention the boot time of national competition, false score have no value to let users Pidianpidian happy for a long time.

in addition, 360 search if the use of PPC as a means of profit, will carry out other disguised forms of advertising, are already embedded in the 360 home games and other content providers. Unfortunately, Chinese segmentation technology is still not mature to affect the search results, the retrieval speed is indeed general, lead to flow up for a period of time after the fall. In the course of time, the reason will clean not withstand scrutiny, the surface of paste skin to ease or even conceal the facts like shooting.

open 360 search sites, simple search box and remove the upper and lower right side ads search results looks very cool. It is easy for users to create a kind of illusion, 360 search very clean. Have a good user experience is not representative of the 360 search is not evil. The search engine will inevitably be adverse to grab site information, it is essential to filter technology, early Zhou Hongyi has recruited former GFW staff to study. Now 360 search is just on the line soon, "the amount of data collected are not even. Not to love Shanghai and compared the hardware based value and love Shanghai than 360 high market value of the company. "The amount of data is small, with a sensitive key words filtering, the rest of the content is basic clean. With the increase of index data, the difficulty of the 360 search filter work will continue to increase, the artificial intervention is also essential, want to continue to fulfill the commitment is not easy.