For the love of Shanghai 520 event Qingdao Shanghai Dragon & Mo finishing point


2, adhere to the frequency of the high quality chain, quantity and quality are very important. The so-called chain, in addition to the friends of the chain, is each big forum, classified information website to publish a large number of posts with the website link. The high quality of the chain, not only that there is a one or two day or a period of time is not outside the chain, this needs the webmaster to weight high BBS to post, or to contribute, >

thank you for your attention to love Shanghai. Details of this complex that, in a nutshell: our system has some conditions in the process of updating data, problems are discovered, already at noon on May 20th to repair, there are other reasons as part of the cache is updated, will soon return to normal. In the future we will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Sorry to let everyone also caused some misunderstanding." After a few hours of cache update, most of the site’s ranking has returned to normal.

1, adhere to the original article update frequency, which is in the front of the Mo has repeatedly stressed. To do a normal station, collection content is absolutely not, the love of Shanghai update, a large collection of the size of the site a lot of dead. No matter what the circumstances, the original content readable is always the most popular search engine. Many owners may not have enough energy, can produce high quality every day of the original, so occasionally false original can also, but must pay attention to the pseudo must be natural, imitation of nature, is the positive solution. Update frequency is very important, there is a lesson is a serious, a registered with his own personal domain name, a personal blog, because the energy dispersion, new online, although the original content, Google ranking has been very good, but because there is no fixed frequency of updates, resulting in a long time love Shanghai only included the home page, after a period of time, the inside pages included the home page, but not the right to be reduced. Now a personal blog is shelved, is basically a waste station.

Shanghai: "we have a situation."

some time ago, because love Shanghai adjustment and space business, Qingdao Shanghai dragon slipped to second, but the Qingdao website optimization Shanghai dragon Er has always insisted on updating the content and the chain, just today, May 20th, Qingdao Shanghai dragon back to the front page third. Carefully study, found the love of Shanghai made a big adjustment. The following is the love for the 520 Shanghai incident response.

May 20th love Shanghai conducted a large-scale data update, resulting in personal and corporate site more than 80% of the ranking declined substantially, this update has aroused extensive discussion on the network, and is called the love Shanghai 520 event. With the network discussion and suspicion more and more love Shanghai webmaster club official response to the incident reads as follows:


, Qingdao & website optimization; Mo believes that as long as the following three points, love Shanghai adjustment is not terrible.